Non-Surgical Lipo
  • Non-Surgical Lipo
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    75 min

    We pair Low Frequency Ultrasound treatments with Radio Frequency skin tightening treatments to target and eliminate fatty pockets and also shrink and tighten skin. The beauty of our system is that we can target any pocket of fat we want which means fat can not hide. Use these treatments to eliminate fat in trouble spots like the tummy, love handles, hips, thighs and butt. This is a simple and safe alternative to surgical options such as liposuction.

  • Radio Frequency Body Treatment
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    75 min

    For tightening and toning the body. Used on any area of the body that shows signs of aging, stretchmarks, cellulite, or needs toning.

  • Radio Frequency Neck and Chest
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    45 min

    Using the same Radio Frequency technology, we can knock years off of some of the areas of your body that show age long before we deserve it. Lets turn back the clock and it will be our little secret.

  • Hand Rejuvination
    15-20 min

    This is the prefect addition to any spa service as we use radio frequency to take years off of the appearance of your hands. Radio Frequency can turn those fine lines and wrinkles back to smooth and supple skin that we had all those years ago. This treatment has been called a guilty pleasure and as always it will be our little secret.

    Facials & Skin Care
  • Radio Frequency Facial
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    45 min

    Also called our Age Defense Facial, we use the same technology we use during our non-surgical lipo to lift and tighten skin. Radio Frequency essentially puts the skin in crisis mode, tricking it into repairing itself. Controlled Damage... The results are nothing short of spectacular as you can literally see the years melt away.

  • Basic Chemical Peel

    Few things can deliver the exfoliation and fresh start to the skin like a chemical peel. Avalon features dozens of different peels for virtually every skin type and condition. Regardless of your starting point or skin goals, Avalon has you covered.

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Chemical Peels

    Medical grade skin corrections that require pure aggression on an expedited basis. Unlike our basic peels, the majority of the pharmaceutical grade peels can be done no more than once per month as they cause very deep exfoliation and skin correction that can take 30 days for full recovery.

  • Permanent Cosmetics
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    For those who want to look fantastic the morning after. Let our technicians detail your brows, eyes, and lips for the perfect look.

    Teeth Whitening
  • Basic Teeth Whitening
    $149 Call for Current Specials
    20 min

    For that quick tune up or for those who just need to drop a few shades, our Basic 20 min whitening is perfect for you. Drop up to 3 shades in just 20 min it is perfect for a lunch break or before a job interview or that hot date.

  • Traditional or Advanced 30 min Whitening
    $169 Call for current specials
    30 min

    You can choose to use a mouth tray, or a custom brush on option to tailor your whitening to your individual teeth.

  • 45 Min Advanced Whitening
    $189 Call for current specials
    45 min

    The strongest whitening available outside a dentist office, this whitening features a hydrogen peroxide gel that can provide up to 18 shades of teeth whiting in less than an hour.

  • Forever White Maintenance Pen

    This is a take home whitening pen that can be use in between whitening treatments to maintain your new smile.

  • Free Consultation
    15-30 min

    Meet our fantastic staff and receive a medical consult to customize a treatment plan that fits your needs. Weather it be for Non-surgical liposuction or skin care and home products let us develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

  • First Treatment + RF facial or Chemical Peel
    120 min

    Lose those unwanted inches and beautify your appearance in one visit. For first clients only.

  • Teeth Whitening Buy 1 Get 1 Free
    15-45 min

    Whiten your smile 2-10 shades in less than an hour. Professional grade whitening a phone call away.

  • First Treatment Non-Surgical Lipo Special
    75 min

    For those pesky problem areas like the tummy, love handles and thighs, sometimes gym time simply won’t do. Using very specific frequencies of Ultrasound paired with time tested Radio Frequency we are able to target and remove those pesky problem areas.